Tiktok Management

TikTok’s audience has a very short attention span. The first three-second can make or break your chance of a trending/viral video. 3-sec is a short time but it is a crucial factor in Tiktok.

As a Tiktok expert, I can help you edit awesome and highly-engaging Tiktok videos so you can turn viewers into loyal followers. I know how the Tiktok algorithm works, how to repurpose long videos to Tiktok format, the best time to join in trends for maximum exposure, and more.

If you’ve been wanting to jumpstart your Tiktok channel, I am here to help you out!

Services offered:
✅ Hashtag Research
✅ Account evaluation
✅ You will receive a weekly trending report. This will include the current trends in Tiktok that you can do.
✅ I will edit your raw videos into catchy and engaging videos
✅ 1 upload 6x a week
✅ Engage with your targeted audience (Follow, Like & Comment)
✅ End of campaign report

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